Falcons News · Spring Sport Spotlight

We would like to take this time to congratulate the class of 2020; especially our student-athletes.  The spring season was cut short as we as a society took the necessary steps to protect each other from the COVID outbreak.  This week as the Class of 2020 graduates and takes a step forward in their own journeys, the athletic department would like to reflect back on the contributions of our spring athletes in lieu of (but not equivalent to) a senior night celebration.


Bayley Arnold is the son of Colby and Bridget Arnold.  This fall, Bayley will extend his baseball career and study business at Earlham College.  While as a pitcher and third baseman, he is most proud that he has been a part of the program as they were able to play at Victory Field for the Marion County Championship the past two seasons.  He will never forget celebrating after beating Ben Davis to advance to Victory Field.  He lives by the advice from his dad; don’t let a coach define you.  Bayley would like to thank his parents, Coach Banwart, Coach Latimer, and Coach Cortez.

Noah Baker

Isaac Jones is the son of Antonio Orkmon and Heather Jones.  While playing second base, he is proud of the accomplishment of getting to play at Victory Field.  Purdue University will be Isaac’s next stop as he works to major in aquatic sciences.  His favorite memories center around being with the team every day.  The best advice given to him is to stop worrying about what others think and put your head down and get to work.  He would like to thank the coaches for helping all of the players through the past three years and to his family for always being there.

Camden Kelley

Luciano Salemi

Conner Woods is the son of Jason and Lori Woods.  He is excited to extend his baseball career while studying biochemistry at North Park University in Chicago.  His baseball career behind the plate includes Indy Star Superteam Honorable Mention, Rookie of the Year, Silver Slugger, and Marion County All-Senior Team.  He offers the advice he received from Coach Banwart to other athletes, “control what you can control and do not worry about things you cannot control”.  His favorite memory is playing the Marion County Championship Final at Victory Field last spring.  Conner would like to thank his parents for their support in athletics and blessing him with the equipment and opportunities in his baseball endeavors.  He would also like to thank Nora Macias, his teammates, and friends for their support throughout high school.



Jason Downer

Chase Miller

Nate Skirvin

Mason Wooton is the son of Frances Boyd.  He plans to graduate and then continue his golf career in college.  He was a member of the Conference Indiana Championship and was Runner-up Medalist in the Marion County Championship.  His favorite memory was being with his team while winning the conference championship.  Best advice he has been given is to not allow negative things to make you worse, let it motivate you to do, and to be better.  He would like to thank his coaches and Mrs. Burris for helping Mason to do his very best.



Elizabeth Ebersole

Kennedy Thatcher is the daughter of Chris Thatcher and Diedra Robinson.  She plans to attend UIndy in the fall to study nursing.  She has had an All-Conference and All-County (twice) performance in center field.  After starting as a freshman she continued to swing for the fences while earning the team offensive player of the year twice.  Kennedy’s favorite memory is the post-game bus rides eating brownies and listening to music with the team.  She offers the advice of many of her coaches that we can’t always control everything in the game of softball except for two things: your attitude and your effort.  She would like to send the biggest thank you to her mom and Paps for always supporting me through everything.  She would also like to thank her teammates and friends for the love and laughs.



Ngun Tha Cer is the daughter of Bawi Hu and Ngun Men.  Even though she was not able to participate in the tennis season as a senior she always enjoyed her time with the coaches and her teammates.  Ngun’s appreciates the advice from Coach Schoch, “don’t worry about it”.

Ni Cin

Charu Latha Girivasan

May Kawm

Kebbeh Rufus

Mercy Tial


Track & Field (Boys)

Joseph Carper

Leo Chavez

Andrew Davidson

Oswaldo Gil-Ceja

Lincoln Randle is the son of Charles and Julie Randle.  He plans to study biology at Hanover in the fall.  He is proud to have broken the 5-minute mile barrier but was unable to push it as low as he would have liked due to the season being cut short.  His favorite memory will definitely be the overnight cross country trip to the Highland Invitational.  He would like to extend a shout-out to Coach Raker for dealing with Lincoln for four years and to Coach Fleenor for being a great coach and a great person for his final two seasons on the team.

William Smith

Robert Sorsor

Phiar Thang is the son of Tluang Kung.  He has run the 800m and the mile for the track team.  He plans to continue his education and attend med school.  He is most proud of improving his time throughout his career.  Phiar’s favorite memory comes from his cross country season as he set his PR at the Brown County Invitational.  Mr. Fleenor offered him the best advice, “every day is a good day to run”.  He would like to thank the coaches and staff for providing a great experience for all of the students and supporting everyone no matter what the record was.

Brett Trammel is the son of Jeff and Stephanie Trammell and is a 400 meter/4×400 relay runner.  He plans to study business at Indiana State University this fall.  He is proud to be a three-time varsity letter winner on the track team.  His favorite memory is his tennis senior night.  He was able to win a match in front of his family, including his grandmother, just a little over a month after the passing of his grandfather.  The thought still brings emotion and tears to his eyes.  Brett lives by the advice given to him by PMHS tennis coach, Daniel Schoch, “I know how competitive you are, but sports should still never be first.  Please put your family first.  They will be here long after your sports.”  He would like to thank his family first and foremost, but extend gratitude to Coach Schoch and Coach Orme for being so understanding and supportive during his senior season struggles.

Christopher Wainscott


Track & Field (Girls)

Hannah Bargue is the daughter of Nelson and Jannah Bargue.  Hannah is one of the most decorated runners in Perry Meridian history even with the loss of her senior season while competing in the 100m, 200m, 4×400, 400m, and long jump.  She plans to attend IUPUI after graduation to major in nursing and minoring in exercise science.  In the past three years, she broke one of the oldest school records (200m), two relay school records (4×200 and 4×400) and several Mid-State Conference meet records.  Hannah has multiple podium finishes at the state finals earning her the distinguished honor of Perry Meridian Wall of Fame Athlete.  Coach Teverbaugh advised Hannah not to be embarrassed to ask for help and let others help you if they would like.  There is no shame in letting people help because you are not alone.  In her words, “Every track meet was something to remember.  My favorite would be last year at the conference meet.  That night we were only a few points away from winning and the 4×400 was our last hope to team victory.  I don’t remember exactly what place we were in when it was my turn but I remember passing a lot of competitors especially the team that was in first place.  I wouldn’t have been able to without my teammates cheering me on that night.  I could hear them screaming my name and that pushed me the most”.  Hannah would like to say thank you to everyone who supported and believed in her along with helping during tough times.  She would like to thank Coach Teverbaugh for being both a coach and a dad to be because she has been through a lot.  She attributes who she is today to that connection and belief from Coach Teverbaugh.   She would also like to thank the Falcon family for being so kind and loving.  Lastly, “I’m truly so PROUD to be a Falcon although I used to say ‘I hate this school’, I wouldn’t trade it for any other.  GO FALCONS!”

Elizabeth Bawilung

Carley Bond is the daughter of Dave and Caren Bond.  She plans to attend Franklin College in the fall and will be a member of the Grizzly Diving team.  Her favorite memory is when the track team won the Mid-State Conference meet with the 4×800 relay placing higher than seeded while helping the team to the title.  Carley offers the advice that she learned from Steinmetz to be the bigger person.  Finally, she would like to thank her sister, Alexis Paris, her coaches, her parents, and Steinmetz.

Maria Dos Santos Guedes

Megan Hurst

Etiniabasi Inyang is the daughter of Camillus and Nsikak Inyang.  She was a member of the sprints for the track team; running the 100m and 200m.  She was proud to lower her time throughout her career.  After graduation, she plans to attend Marian College to study biology/pre-med.  Her favorite memory was being in a positive environment with her teammates.  Coach Teverbaugh gave Etini the best advice by encouraging the team to be better than they had been before.    She would like to first and foremost thank God.  She would also like to thank her parents for everything they have done for her for the past seventeen years.  Lastly, she would like to thank Coach Teverbaugh for everything he has taught her and the team.

Kelsi Miller is the daughter of Richard and Kelli Miller.  She has been a member of the shot put crew on the track team.  She plans to attend college to earn a bachelor’s degree to become a dental hygienist.  She is proud of being on varsity in her first year.  Kelsi’s favorite memory as a Falcon was winning the Girls Wrestling State title her first season wrestling only with setting the records in the weight room.  Coach Schoettle gave Kelsi her most influential advice by reminding her that she is stronger than she thinks; mentally and physically.  She would like to thank her mom, dad, all of her coaches, friends, family, and fans for believing in her when she struggling to believe in herself.

Noel Mitchell is the daughter of Charles and Kelly and Leonard.  She is a true athlete for the track team with running the 100m, 200m, 4x100m, and the long jump.  In the fall, she plans to attend IUPUI for interior design technology.  She is proud of all of the ribbons she has earned and placing at the Sectional meet in the 4x100m.  She would like to thank God for everything, her family, and friends for support and a fun high school experience.  Noel would also like to thank Coach Teverbaugh, Bundza, James, Massaro, and Jones for always showing her love and support along with every teacher who has pushed her to be her best, especially Mr. Allen and Mr. Dye.

Camilla Papeo


Track & Field (Unified)

Ella Brizendine is the daughter of Robert and Brandi Brizendine.  In the fall, she will study education at UIndy with the goal of becoming a teacher.  Her favorite memory is the smiles and laughter of all of her friends.  The advice to always stay positive in every situation is the best advice Ella has received.  She would like to thank Coach Cooper.

Sophia Clark is the daughter of Don Clark.  She was looking forward to running the 100 for the Unified Track team this spring.  She plans to attend college after graduation but has not finalized her decision.  She will always remember being around her friends and classmates.  Sophia would like to thank Ms. Cooper and the Falcon Cafe staff members.

Ryan Hirlston is the son of Steven and Karen Hirlston.  He excels in the 400m dash for the Unified Track team.  He plans to attend Ball State University after graduation.  His favorite memory is the first time he ever ran the 400.  In his own words, “I felt like I was going to die.  Honestly, and it was so rewarding to cross the finish line and be able to stop running”.  He also mentions that all of the memories will be his favorite.  The best advice that everyone gave him before his first 400 events were to remember to breathe and maintain a good running form.  Ryan would like to send thank-yous to absolutely everyone involved; from coaches to teammates, to Special Olympic administrators, to competing schools, to families, to school staff.  “I can not name all the names, but I very wish I could”.  He would like to especially thank Coach Cooper who recommended him to join the Unified Sports program four years ago.  “I have had an amazing time, and I wish we could have won state this year.  I thank everyone for the years of fun, and I wish good luck to future Unified Falcons!”

Abigail Kreuzman



*The information here is based on the student-athlete response to an email that had been sent to school email accounts.
Please contact Emily Steinmetz esteinmetz@perryschools.org if you were mistakenly left off the list or write-up and we can add your information.